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I want to address something here which is very important to us:

The White Buffalo. And we wish to help here also in connection with a registered Charity, where we are members of. “Viisions Life Force Foundation” located in the UK. Please go to:


It is about “SpiritMountain Ranch” based in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, which is a home for now 9 White Buffalos.

Just before Christmas we received devastating news from Viisons Life Force Foundation about the Buffalo Sanctuary: Very bad weather conditions hit Flagstaff, which makes it almost impossible to continue feeding and taking care of the Sacred White Buffalos.  Dena Riley is in big need of help to continue their very hard but important work to keep the Sanctuary going.


Here are the words of Viisions Life Force Foundation (and this will be also found on their web site - see above)


As many of you who have seen our web site are aware, Viisions Life Force Foundation supports with the supplying of hay for the Sacred White Buffalo. Over the Christmas 2008 period we were in contact with Dena Riley and found to our dismay, she has been struggling with the horrendous weather conditions that have hit Flagstaff, Arizona.


We have been able to forward enough money to cover a full load, approximately 40 tons of Bermuda Hay, as on speaking to Dena the Buffalo only had enough hay for feeding for a week.  Also her water supply had diminished drastically –

1) Partially due to finances as running water is not available where the Buffalo Ranch is situated.  The Buffalo were reduced to eating snow and ice as she has to have deliveries of water to sustain the Buffalo and herself. Monies to fill one of her water tanks have been forwarded on to her which will help her immensely.


She has had the occasional help from a Navajo man known to us as Andy, who we spoke to over the Christmas period.  We asked if he could possibly work full time with the help of running the Sanctuary with Dena, giving her the support that is greatly needed with the manual work of cleaning pens, feeding and general upkeep of the Buffalo, and moving hay, bearing in mind these bales are not the small manageable bales, they are huge.


We have managed to collect, with the help of donations two weeks wages to allow Andy to stay on the ranch to give the much needed help to Dena. Andy has got four little girls and a wife to support, he has agreed to what we have asked.  His employer has been kind enough to allow him to assist Dena. So now what we are asking is if you could feel within your heart and put your hand in your pocket to forward on to us donations small or large, to allow us with the help of you all and your kind support to keep Andy (the Navajo) to remain at the Sacred White Buffalo Sanctuary to give the much needed help to Dena Riley.


If you want to help in this very important task, Please go to following link:


Here you can use Pay Pal to make your donations (don’t forget to mention “White Buffalo”) or you can download following form here, if you do not wish to pay via pay pal.


Also you can subribe to become a member of Viisions Life Force Foundation. I can assure you, that all money donated will be used for urgent issues for the Native American people.







White Buffalo at SpiritMountain Ranch

On Highway 180 Enroute to the Grand Canyon


Spirit Mountain Ranch
PO Box 31106
Flagstaff, AZ 86003
Phone(928) 606-2779




How everything started at the Ranch:


Included with the tangible signs for world peace and harmony are seven sacred White Buffalo located at SpiritMountain Ranch in Flagstaff, Arizona. The birth of a white buffalo is a rare occurrence indeed. Only one in 10 million buffalo is born white. The Creator has blessed the world and all its inhabitants with a family of White Buffalo. At SpiritMountain Ranch these White Buffalo include Miracle Moon, Rainbow Spirit, Arizona Spirit, Mandela Peace Pilgrim, Sunrise Spirit, Spirit Thunder, and Chief Hiawatha

Miracle Moon--our first White Buffalo and now a mother--was born on April 30, 1997. Miracle Moon gave birth to Rainbow Spirit (female) on June 8, 2000, to Mandela Peace Pilgrim (female) on July 18, 2001, and to Arizona Spirit (male) on July 1, 2002. All these babies were fathered by Willy Wonka--a brown North American Bison. And now the babies are having their own white babies.

On May 22, 2004, Mandela Peace Pilgrim gave birth to Sunrise Spirit (female). Five days later on May 27, 2004, Rainbow Spirit gave birth to Spirit Thunder (male). Both these white buffalo babies were fathered by BlackJack--a brown Canadian Bison. On May 16th, 2005, Miracle Moon gave birth to the seventh white buffalo. He has been named Chief Hiawatha, after the great Onondaga chief who founded the Iroquois League of Five Nations and brought peace to the tribes of the Northeast.

These beautiful, divine energies touch all who come see them. People come to the ranch to pray and leave gifts for the sacred White Buffalo. Some weep, some marvel, and others are led to the ranch not knowing about the White Buffalo and their promise of peace and abundance. We believe the spirit of the White Buffalo calls out to the hearts of these people and directs them to the White Buffalo family.

Now, more than ever recent events that are taking place worldwide are a wake-up call to seek connection to the divine Great Spirit or God that resides within us. The return of the White Buffalo is another physical sign from the world of Spirit, ready and waiting to help us walk in our world with wisdom, knowledge, peace and love. Regardless of our race, color or form, we are all brothers and sisters who live on the same Earth mother. It is time to respect and honor each individual as we ourselves would like to be respected.



Home of Nine Sacred White Buffalo




Miracle Moon (F)                                   Miracle Moon & Rainbow Spirit (F)                     
Born April 30, 1997                               Born June 8, 2000
Our first white buffalo born                Our second white buffalo born     








Mandela Peace Pilgrim (F)                Arizona Spirit (M)
Born July 18, 2001                              Born July 1, 2002
Our third white buffalo born             Our fourth white buffalo born






                                                        Sunrise Spirit (F)
                                                       Born May 22, 2004
                                                 Our fifth white buffalo born




Spirit Thunder (M)                               Chief Hiawatha (M)
Born May 27, 2004                              Born May 16, 2005
Our sixth white buffalo born            Our seventh white buffalo born






Lucky Star (M)                                     Sunrise Spirit & White Spirit (M)
Born  June 10, 2006                           Born June 10, 2007
Our eighth white buffalo born         Our ninth white buffalo born







Willy Wonka                                        Black Jack
North American Plains                     Plains/Woods cross
Born 1995                                            Born 1999






PLEASE HELP!!! Being guardians of the Sacred White Buffalo is a true blessing, but it is also a monumental responsibility that is both challenging and expensive. DONATIONS and VOLUNTEERS are always welcome.


Your donation of any amount will support the maintenance, feeding and care of these sacred animals. The buffalo's food supplies are twice as costly in the Flagstaff area so donations to help feed them high quality grain and hay are needed and greatly appreciated. Every $15.00 is a bale of Timothy Hay!


For $25 you can adopt your very own buffalo. You'll be provided with a certificate of adoption along with a photograph of your buffalo, and you'll be added to our Mailing List so you can stay abreast of the herd's disposition!. If you wish, you can adopt the entire herd for $100.


If you live in the Flagstaff, Arizona area, we welcome you as a volunteer. We are constantly in need of volunteers to assist us with maintenance, office tasks and other daily responsibilities. Please contact us at for more information, or drop by the ranch!





The White Buffalo Legend

The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. The Lakota (Sioux) Nation has passed down the Legend of the White Buffalo--a story now approximately 2,000 years old--at many council meetings, sacred ceremonies, and through the tribe's storytellers. There are several variations, but all are meaningful, and tell of the same outcome. Have communication with the Creator through prayer with clear intent for Peace, Harmony and Balance for all life living in the Earth Mother.


Spirituality among Natives Americans and non-Native Americans has been a strong force for those who believe in the power of the Great Spirit or God. It matters not what you call the Creator. What matters is that you pray to give thanks for your blessings and trust the guidance given to you from the world of Spirit. Many truths about Spirit are told and handed down from one generation to the next.


The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman tells how the People had lost the ability to communicate with the Creator. The Creator sent the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach the People how to pray with the Pipe. With that Pipe, seven sacred ceremonies were given for the people to abide in order to ensure a future with harmony, peace, and balance.


Legend says that long ago, two young men were out hunting when from out of nowhere came a beautiful maiden dressed in white buckskin. One of the hunters looked upon her and recognizing her as a wakan, or sacred being, lowered his eyes. The second hunter approached her with lust in his eyes, desiring her for his woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman beckoned the lustful warrior to her, and as he approached a cloud of dust arose around them causing them to be hidden from view. When the dust settled, nothing but a pile of bones lay next to her. As she walked toward the respectful young hunter, White Buffalo Calf Woman instructed the young man to go back to the People and tell them to prepare for her arrival to teach them of the way to pray. The young hunter obeyed.


When White Buffalo Calf woman arrived with the sacred bundle (the prayer pipe) she taught the People of the seven sacred ways to pray. These prayers are through ceremonies that include the Sweat Lodge for purification; the Naming Ceremony for child naming; the Healing Ceremony to restore health to the body, mind and spirit; the Adoption ceremony for making of relatives; the Marriage Ceremony for uniting male and female; the Vision Quest for communing with the Creator for direction and answers to one's life; and the Sundance Ceremony to pray for the well-being of all the People.


When the teaching of the sacred ways was complete, White Buffalo Calf Woman told the people she would again return for the sacred bundle that she left with them. Before leaving, she told them that within her were the four ages, and that she would look back upon the People in each age, returning at the end of the fourth age, to restore harmony and spirituality to a troubled land. She walked a short distance; she looked back towards the people and sat down. When she arose they were amazed to see she had become a black buffalo. Walking a little further, the buffalo laid down, this time arising as a yellow buffalo. The third time the buffalo walked a little further and this time arose as a red buffalo. Walking a little further she rolled on the ground and rose one last time as a white buffalo calf.

The changing of the four colors of the White Buffalo Calf Woman represents the four colors of man--white, yellow, red and black. These colors also represent the four directions, north, east, south and west. The sacred bundle that was left to the Lakota people is still with the People in a sacred place on the Cheyenne River Indian reservation in South Dakota. It is kept by a man known as the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Arvol Looking Horse.


The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman remains ever promising in this age of spiritual enlightenment and conscious awareness. In today's world of confusion and war many of us are looking for signs of peace. "With the return of the White Buffalo it is a sign that prayers are being heard, that the sacred pipe is being honored, and that the promises of prophecy are being fulfilled. White Buffalo signals a time of abundance and plenty."


Though our world may be harsh, throughout recorded history there have been spiritual leaders teaching peace, hope and balance among all life. This was taught by great teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, the Dali Lama's, and Native American elders. Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Seattle, and Chief Red Cloud are a few of the visionary leaders who committed their lives to bring peace, and internal happiness to all who they touched. They were tangible signs of goodwill toward all men, women and children.


Please if you have any questions about this issue; feel free to either contact us, or Viision Life Force Foundation.


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Many thanks to Gerry and Lynda of Viisions Life Force Foundation of allowing us to put this on our web site to help in this case.